Living with diabetes can be a tricky thing. You get to see your friends eating sweet and sugary food that you once loved to eat. Sometimes you are given sweet and sugary food, but you have to give it up because you have diabetes. 

Even if you have diabetes, the craving to have something sweet will always be there. 

So what can we do to satisfy our craving for the sweet? Living with diabetes doesn’t mean you can never taste anything sweet.

Here are five healthy food that will help you to cut down your craving for sugar.

The goal is to have something low in glycemic-index


Apples are tasty and it has a low GI index

Apples have a low glycemic-index of 34. You can easily have an apple as a snack. And because they are sweet, it makes an ideal food to cut down your craving for sugar.

You can also include apples to make infused water. Infused water, something we have talked about in detail in a previous post.

Infused-water is a great way to cut down the craving for sugary beverages.

Mandarin orange

Mandarin oranges are deliciously sweet

Mandarin orange is a small citrus tree with fruit resembling other oranges.

Oranges, including the mandarin oranges, fall under the low glycemic index category with a glycemic index of 43.

Mandarin oranges are something that you can easily peel off and eat. The mandarin oranges are also sweeter than the regular oranges, which help you to eat something sweet without having to worry about your blood sugar levels.


Pomegranate is a healthy fruit with lots of health benefits

Pomegranate is a fruit with a low glycemic-index of 35. It’s also a very delicious fruit with a taste ranging from sweet to sour depending on the ripeness of the fruit

Pomegranate also contains molecules to reduce inflammation in your body, and even lower the risk of certain cancers such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Pomegranate is also a fruit that you can use to make infused-water, and it tastes great.


Banana is a medium glycemic-index fruit

Ripe bananas can also help you to cut down your craving for sugar. However, bananas have a glycemic index of 51, which is higher certain fruits.

Bananas also have a relatively high carbohydrate content, and you should limit the number of bananas to no more than three per day.

But if you keep things in moderation, bananas can help you with giving the sweet taste you desire. 

Indian gooseberry

Indian gooseberries found in India and Southeast Asia has lots of health benefits

Indian gooseberry is a fruit found in India and Southeast Asia. It’s a fruit with a mixture of different tastes, ranging from sour to sweet. 

Not only Indian gooseberries have a low glycemic index, but it is also a well-known fruit to reduce your blood sugar levels. It is also an ideal fruit to make infused-water.

Indian gooseberries have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, some health benefits of Indian gooseberries include,

  • Improve your vision
  • Reduce hair fall
  • Good for your brain
  • Helps you to have a healthy skin

I know the fruits I just mentioned may not be sweet as your pancake and syrup. But living with diabetes is something we need to accept and move on, and that means you won’t be able to tase your favorite food like you once did.


Dr Rukshan Ranatunge is a graduate from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya (MBBS). He is currently studying for his masters in health informatics.

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