About Us

What is the new GoGrubIt

Hello and welcome to the new GoGrubIt blog, or Eat Drink Move on Facebook.

We initially started this blog to travel, to explore and eat whatever we want and write about it.

Then we decided to do a complete 180-degree turnaround and to move our focus about promoting healthy eating and healthy living.

Because after travelling and eating and trying out so many food festivals we found out that finding garbage food is easy but finding healthy food is difficult.

Plus being a doctor I get to see so many young people suffering from diabetes, and the number seems to keep growing and growing.

Most of our metabolic conditions can be managed if we make the necessary dietary adjustments. And making these changes and sticking to them is not an easy thing to do.

So GoGrub it will be your place for the dietary advice that you can trust.

Let us help your way to make healthy dietary adjustments and sticking to them.

What are we going to talk about about

The go Grub It blog will focus on three main things, that is healthy eating, biohacking and working out advices.

Healthy eating will talk about places to find and dine in healthy food. Not only that we will talk about the dishes and recipes and cooking hacks that will help you to make a healthy diet from your home.

BioHacking will talk about how one can hack their diet and behavioural changes that is needed to live a healthy life.

The workout section will talk about the workout that is needed for both mind and body that is going to help you to live a healthy life.

Who am I to talk about healthy living?

My name is Rukshan. I’m a certified medical practitioner and a tech guy who is interested in making new things.

As I said before I started this blog to write about travelling and eating until my friend was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age.

That was the point where I decided to change the topic of my blog to promote healthy living instead of promoting junk food.

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Advertising on Grub It

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