Get To Know More About Your Favorite Food

Apples are tasty and have a low GI index

Apples 👍👍👍👍

Apples have a relatively low glycemic index of 34.

That makes apple a healthier food for people with diabetes.

Apples also have antioxidant properties, you can also use apples to make infused water.

Bananas 👍👍👍

Bananas can be considered to be safe for people with diabetes.

It is has a medium glycemic index of 51.

However, you should try to eat only half-ripe bananas.

Bananas, especially ripe bananas have high amount of carbohydrates.

You should not eat more than 3 bananas a day.

Pomegranate 👍👍👍

Pomegranate has a medium glycemic index of 53

It is also a safe fruit for people with diabetes.

The fruit can also be used to make infused water.