Drinking plenty of water and keeping yourself hydrated is an essential health habit.

People use different kinds of water bottles to carry water with them every day. But did you know that some of these bottles that we keep using are not healthy and they may be doing more harm than good if you keep on using them?

We are going to compare the different ways you use to carry water with you. If you find yourself using the wrong kind of water bottle, it’s time to change to a healthier alternative.

Throwaway plastic water bottles

These plastic bottles are only designed to be used once.
These plastic bottles are only designed to be used once.

The commonest water bottle is the plastic water bottle. You usually get them with soft drinks. They are cheap, and people tend to reuse them over and over again.

But do you know that most of these throwaway plastic water bottles are for single-use? 

If you look at the bottom of the bottle, you will find a recycle logo with the number one in it. 

That means it produced by using a chemical known as PTE. This chemical tends to mix with your water if you use it for long enough.

Plastic sports water bottles

These polypropylene bottles can be used more than once
These polypropylene bottles are reusable

These plastic water bottles, unlike the throwaway plastic water bottles, are made by using polypropylene (PP). 

Because of their lightweight, people use these bottles when going to the gym or when running.

If you look at the bottom of the bottle, you will find number five inside a recycle logo. That means they are reusable and considered safe.

If you prefer to use a plastic bottle, then instead of the single-use plastic bottle, switch to polypropylene (PP) sports water bottle.

Stainless steel bottles

Stainless steel water bottle
Stainless steel water bottles are perfect reusable bottles

These bottles are safer than PET bottles. You can carry them with you anywhere you go. 

These bottles are lighter than the vacuum flasks and terracotta bottles. 

If you are using single-use plastic bottles, then these bottles are an excellent alternative for you.

Vacuum flasks

Swell water bottles are the most popular vacuum flasks

Vacuum flasks are a bit expensive. And that is because they can keep your hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold up to a day. 

Manufacturers use stainless steel to make these bottles. And therefore they don’t have any risks like the PET bottles.

Swell is a popular vacuum flask brand in the world. You get your Swell vacuum flask easily from Amazon.

Terracotta water bottles

Terracotta water bottle
Terracotta water bottle

There is a growing trend to use handmade terracotta bottles. 

These are eco-friendly, easy to make. Even on a hot day, they can keep your water cold and refresh.

However, they can easily break, because of that, they are not the ideal bottle for traveling. 

But a growing number of people use them because of their eco-friendly nature and the use of naturally occurring resources. 

So out of these, what’s the water bottle you are using right now? And after reading, did you decide to change your water bottle?


Dr Rukshan Ranatunge is a graduate from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya (MBBS). He is currently studying for his masters in health informatics.

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