There are different apps in the Play Store that helps you to keep in track of your health. Just like anyone else, I’ve also tried different health apps to follow my sleep, my workouts and calories I burn along the day. But out of them Google Fit is my favourite and here’s why.

The Google fit app is not something you hear people talking about every day. Google too has not given enough publicity to the app for some reason. But almost all fitnesses freaks I showed the app to just love it after installing it.

You can download the Google Fit app that is freely available on the PlayStore.

The basics

My Google Fit Profile
My Google Fit Profile

After installing the app Google will ask for some basic data about yourself such as your height, weight and your birthday. After providing these biometric data you’re presented with your Google Fit profile. These biometric data will help Google fit app to build a profile about yourself and make suggetions about your activities.

After providing the data you are presented with a clear home screen, that shows the move minutes and heart points you achieved within the day.

Move Minutes – the number of minutes you walked within the day.

Heart Points – you earn heart points by doing fast-paced activities like walking at a higher speed, or running etc.

Add All Your Health Data
Add All Your Health Data

By hitting the plus mark on the bottom right corner of the app you can add any activity you are doing, your blood pressure, weight, the number of hours slept etc.

The Google Fit App Keeps Track of Your Daily Activity
The App Keeps Track of Your Daily Activity

It is a small, ad-free and easy to use app and keeps in track of your activity. The best thing about the app is it doesn’t need you to keep your location or data on to track your activity.

By using the number of steps you walked in that day the app can calculate the distance you walked and also count the calories you burned and the move minutes and heart points. That is pretty neat stuff.

Use Google Fit to bio-hack your life

By adding the details about your workouts, blood pressure, sleep patterns, weight and other details, you can easily buildup your own database about yourself.

And not only that you can tweak and improve your performance to improve your overall health. And it gives you an idea about where to improve.

If you are someone who is lazy to add all the information Google is giving a simple task for you through the Fit app. That is to earn 150 heart points in one week.

If you can get the 150 heart points in one week that means you achieved the minimal number of workout recommended by the WHO for a healthy adult.

Works with Google wear

If you have a smartwatch with Google wear OS on it you can easily sync your data from the watch to the app. So you don’t have to carry your phone everywhere you walk.

But if you are someone who doesn’t have a smartwatch like me you are stuck with your smartphone.

I really like the simple design of the app and the gamification nature of the app. It can be used by anyone even without a tech or health background which makes it appealing for everyone.

So download Google fit today from Play Store today and give it a try. I’m sure you will love it as much as I do.


Dr Rukshan Ranatunge is a graduate from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya (MBBS). He is currently studying for his masters in health informatics.

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