When I started the Eat Drink Move Facebook page, I had only one thing in mind. That was to travel and eat anything and everything that came across me.

I was young and naive, just like any other guy in their twenties. However, then reality sets in and you get to see all the people suffering from disease diabetes and the related complications that go along with it.

What’s with the change of mind?

Every day a growing number of young people in the country are being diagnosed with diabetes. This number will only continue to rise if we don’t change our lifestyle.

So starting from today, I will be changing the theme of this blog. The Go Grub It Blog is going to promote healthy living amongst everyone.

As like I said before, I was used to eating a lot of junk food, going to food festivals, staying at hotels. I was living an unhealthy life. It has been a month since I changed my dietary habits and it has done wonders for me in this one month.

Trust me eating healthy food is not an easy thing to do, plus it won’t be cheap. But trust me, in future will tell you all about how bad the things you are eating right now and how to make the right choice.

Am I only going to write to people living with diabetes?

No, not at all. This blog is not just for people with diabetes but also for anyone who wants to live a healthy life.

So join me and let’s take this journey together in eating and living a healthy life.

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Dr Rukshan Ranatunge is a graduate from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya (MBBS). He is currently studying for his masters in health informatics.

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